Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My least favorite subject,especially lately:Politics :(

I really didn't want to blog about this, but one of the few folks from real life who knows that I blog couldn't understand how I could avoid writing about.  Sigh.

I was really hoping that Donald Trump would just go away, but, apparently, enough voters approve of xenophobia and sexism to keep his campaign to become the Republican Party's candidate for president of the United States alive.  Mr. Trump wants to build a wall across the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration of Mexican "rapists," and, noch besser (better yet), he expects the Mexicans to pay for it.  He also wants to put a halt to all Muslim immigration, as if the thousands who are fleeing from Middle-Eastern terrorism are terrorists themselves.  And he complains when female presidential hopefuls have the nerve to go to the ladies' room.  What has my country come to, that such a person is currently leading the polls regarding those seeking nomination as the presidential candidate of a major political party?



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